Saturday, December 10, 2011


Extra dusty wintertime mix:


Battered Ornaments: Sunshades (Harvest)
Broadcast: The Be Colony (Warp)
Silver Apples: I Have Known Love (Kapp)
Buffy Sainte-Marie: Adam (Vanguard)
McDonald and Giles: Tomorrow's Children - The People of Today (Cotillion)
Amon Duul II: La Krautoma (Atco)
Hawkwind: Space is Deep (United Artists)
Wooden Ships: Aquarian Time (Holy Mountain)
Spirit: Space Child (Epic)
Serge Gainsbourg: Cannabis (Philips)
Donovan: Get Thy Bearings (Epic)
The Can: Mary, Mary, So Contrary (United Artists)
Black Sabbath: The Wizard (Warner Bros.)
MRR-ADM: no title (MRR-ADM)
Psychic Ills: January Rain (The Social Registry)
The Black Angels: Doves (A Light in the Attic)
Stereolab: We're Not Adult Oriented (Too Pure)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Dazzle Ships 12/1

Rockers Galore are guests at Dazzle Ships at Heathers in the East Village on Thursday.  We're psyched about this one, and we're going deep into the stacks for spacier leftfield sounds.  Come on out, order a beer, have a chat, and listen to the music...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More free beer and a special new camera

Matt continues his residency at the NYC Lomography Gallery stores... On Thursday, November 3rd, he's doing a special all-movie soundtrack set at Lomo's Gramercy Store (106 E. 23rd St) at a special party to launch a secret new product. Two sources of inspiration are below... this video contains the Warriors trailer, which must have been completed before the movie's awesome original score was complete... it uses a theme from Tangerine Dream's Sorcerer, so hence, it's a twofer.

On Monday, November 14th, Matt's at the SoHo store's Blue Hour party (41 W. 8th St) for the first time!

Both events have free food and drinks, and go from 7-9 PM.

Monday, October 10, 2011


What better way to relaunch our web presence? After 6 months (?), at last, here is Matt and Greg's long, long-delayed Krautrock mix. Enjoy.


* * * T R A C K L I S T * * *


Harmonia: Walky Talky [Lillith]

Amon Duul II: Wie Der Wind Am Ende Einer Strasse [United Artists]

Pink Floyd Obscured by Clouds [Harvest]

Neu!: Isi [United Artists]

La Dusseldorf: Viva [4 Men With Beards]

Can: I Want More [Virgin]

Moebius, Plank, Neumeier: Pitch Control [Sky]

Conrad Schnitzler: Auf Dem Schwarzen Kanal [RCA]

Steve Moore: C-Beams [Static Caravan]

Populette: Populace (Gavin Russom Remix) [Throne of Blood]

Peter Baumann: The Third Site [Virgin]

Cluster: 15:43 [Sky]

Blues Control: Tangier [Siltbreeze]

D. Domingues: The Spirit of the Wind [Eigelstein]

Chris Carter: Clouds [Optimo Music]

Can: … And More [Virgin]